DVDLogic EasyBD is simple semi-professional BD/UHD authoring solution for home and studio using. It contains all necessary functions for compilation separate video, audio, interactive graphics (menu) and subtitles into one full valuable Blu-ray and UHD discs. EasyBD has very simple but flexible user interface and allows to create BD and UHD in short term. The main concept of the solution is that you can easily create your simple Blu-ray or UHD without any special knowledge. From the other hand you can find many interesting features using EasyBD if you are BD/UHD professional and familiar with BD/UHD specification.

EasyBD intended for wide range of users and allows to use wide number of BD and UHD possibilities according to BD/UHD specification. You can start your first project from single video stream and continue improving it adding audio, subtitles, interactive menu, navigation commands, titles, chapters and many more... In couple with IG Editor EasyBD allows to add very complex interactive menu with large number of buttons and commands.

We simplified basic concepts of BD/UHD specification but leave all included in more understandable for any user form.

Key differences between EasyBD and Blu-Disc Studio.

Several main functions of EasyBD:

  • Compiles all supported by BD/UHD specification Video and Audio.
  • Compiles Subtitles.
  • Compiles Interactive Menu.
  • Possibility to use all navigation commands for complex projects.
  • Creates Chapters and Titles.
  • Shows all detailed info about every stream.
  • Very simple user interface allows step by step create complex projects.
  • Inexpensive and acceptable for home and studio using.