KITe Java: Make the complex simple


  • Use of full-colored images
  • Full control of screen content
  • Ability to scale video and superimpose images over each other
  • Assign actions to Left/Right/Up/Down, OK (Enter), numeric and colored buttons of remote control
  • Use of multiple animation effects:
    - Slide (move images)
    - Fade (appearance and disappearance)
    - Scale video
    - Frame-by-frame animation
  • Automatic scene selection menu creation capability based on presets
  • Set actions at the beginning of a chapter or end of a clip
  • Conditional/multi-actions and ability to write Java code for advanced usage
  • Assign sound effects to buttons (when pressed)
  • Disc/movie resume
  • Access to GPR and PSR registers
  • Combine movies with Playlists
  • HDR and Dolby Vision™ support

Screen Shots

1. Designer Window allows you to edit the menu visually:
2. Action Matrix allows you to view and edit all the action and animation in the current menu, Animation edit window - demonstrates how the animation edited:
3. Scenes creation window allows you to add and delete playmarks and set actions for playmark reaching event:
4. The project structure, project properties and JAR signing properties:
5. The project simulation with a debug log allows you to verify the menu before compile: