Blu-ray Reauthor Pro

BD Reauthor — a unique productivity solution that can open and edit unencrypted Blu-ray Disc titles using Sonic Scenarist®. With BD Reauthor, any BD title created with any authoring application becomes a "living archive" that can be accessed to extract assets or used to update and refresh a completed title. BD Reauthor is a must-have utility that provides competitive advantage for any studio or professional BD authoring facility, speeding up title revisions and production at an unprecedented rate.

BD Reauthor can analyze and open any existing multiplexed (unencrypted) Blu-ray Disc title (HDMV or BD-J) to create a fully functional authoring project - complete with elementary assets - ready for further authoring work within Scenarist.

Use BD Reauthor to expand on titles from partner companies who may have used entry-level or "Phase 1" authoring systems - like Adobe® Encore®, Sonic DVDit® Pro HD, or Sony® Blu-print - to begin a project and take the title to a new level using the power of Sonic Scenarist.

BD Reauthor can extract assets from multiplexed titles, such as elementary Video, Audio, Subtitles, BD-J Objects and Navi Commands for reuse, saving time hunting around for any lost assets or authoring sequences.


  • Modern PC, running Microsoft® Windows™ 7/8/10
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
  • Scenarist® BD
  • 100 GB of hard drive space for Scenarist project files

The amount of hard drive space required for Scenarist project files will depend on the size of the Blu-ray Disc being processed.
Sonic Scenarist BD is required to generate the metadata files needed for the Scenarist project. This process is performed by the MUI Generator, which may be launched after installation without requiring your Scenarist dongle.

BD Reauthor Pro is not intended for use with Blu-ray Disc titles for which you have not obtained the proper authorization. It cannot break cryptoprotection or any other type of copy protection. BD Reauthor Pro is intended to help Blu-ray Disc authors in the reworking of BD projects by allowing the retrieval of the original assets. BD Reauthor Pro does not violate any intellectual property rights, as it can only be used with Blu-ray Discs that do not contain copy protection.