BD Wizard

BD Wizard is an application for creating Blu-ray and BD UHD (4k) discs. The most simple, efficient and easy-to-use program. BD Wizard lets you create Blu-ray in just 4 steps.

Users do not need deep knowledge of Blu-ray, they don't need to make monotonous and repetitive connections, programming and editing commands. They can easily and quickly create complex and highly interactive Blu-ray titles.

You have never seen such a powerful and easy-to-use BD authoring solution in Blu-ray history. BD Wizard, based on DVDLogic's well know BD Muxer engine, which has already multiplexed tons of BD titles around the world.

The main and only necessary 4 steps:

  1. Main Movie: includes settings for Scenes, Audio, and Subtitles.
  2. Main Menu: Includes background video, text and colors for menu items.
  3. Intro movies: may include such possible sections as Warnings and Advertising shown before Main movie.
  4. Bonuses and Trailers: may include additional content like Trailers, etc.

Behind the scenes functions:

  • Automatically generates M2TS files according to the official BD specification from separate Video, Audio and Subtitles assets.
  • Automatically creates the entire BD structure such as BD Objects, Commands, Connections, Scenes.
  • Automatically creates Menu based on your color settings (Interactive HDMV based Menu).

Supported formats:

  • Supports H264 (AVC) and H265 (HEVC) video.
  • All possible Audio like: AC3, DTS, DTS-HD.
  • Subtitles in standard BD format like BDN_XML.