Quick BD Menu

This is a simple and handy solution for BD interactive menu creation. The application automatically allows the creation of navigation and menu commands, for example, button navigation, switching audio or subpicture streams or the highlighting and selection of needed chapters depending on the current movie position. The program allows the creation of chapter, audio and subpicture menus in a quick and easy way.

The main features:

  • Creation of a full BD menu with just a few clicks.
  • Doesn't need any knowledge of navigation commands or BD specification.
  • Output file is in IES format also with an intermediate project file.
  • Easy and understandable user interface.
  • Replacing background with user images.
  • Easy to create BD interactive menu buttons.
  • Main or Pop-up menu.

Tony Laughton from Promo Scape tour

Tony Laughton from Promo Scape takes you through creating a basic menu and some of the features in Quick BD Menu: