Unique technologies. Huge experience. Wide functionality.

Traditionally DVDLogic provided unique technology for Blu-ray and DVD reauthoring of projects originally created using professional authoring tools, allowing editing or modification without the requirement of having the original assets or project.
The recent addition of KITE HDMV and Java Authoring Suite now provides revolutionary opportunity to create, design, de-multiplex, modify, reformat and generate high quality Blu-ray and UHD products with ease, yet complete accuracy and BD Compliancy.
Soar high above the competitors with KITE!
KITe UHD Authoring

KITe UHD Authoring

ultrahd bluray dolby dts
KITe UHD Authoring Suite is a professional Blu-ray and UHD BD authoring solution for studio and individual use. It contains all the necessary functions for combining video, audio, interactive graphics (menu) and subtitles into a fully functional and playable Blu-ray product.
KITe Java

KITe Java

ultrahd bluray dolby dts java
A professional solution for easy and quick authoring of UHD and Blu-ray discs with Java interactive menus. Based on proprietary technology, KITe Java allows you to create menus without concern regarding properties of Titles, Movie objects, Playlist, etc. and intense knowledge of Java.
BD Wizard

BD Wizard

ultrahd bluray dolby dts
BD Wizard is an application for creating Blu-ray and BD UHD (4k) discs. The most simple, efficient and easy-to-use program. BD Wizard lets you create Blu-ray in just 4 steps. You have never seen such a powerful and easy-to-use BD authoring solution in Blu-ray history.
BD Reauthor Pro

BD Reauthor Pro

ultrahd bluray dolby dts java
BD Reauthor – a unique productivity solution that can open and edit unencrypted Blu-ray Disc titles using Scenarist®. BD Reauthor is a must-have utility that provides competitive advantage for any studio or professional BD authoring facility.


ultrahd bluray dolby dts
EasyBD is simple semi-professional BD/UHD authoring solution for home and studio using. It contains all necessary functions for compilation separate video, audio, interactive graphics (menu) and subtitles into one full valuable Blu-ray and UHD discs.
Blu-Disc Studio UHD

Blu-Disc Studio UHD

ultrahd bluray dolby dts java
Blu-Disc Studio is designed by Disc Art Authoring for easy and quick authoring of Blu-ray and UHD discs with BD-J interactive menu. An advanced and powerful user interface does not require special knowledge of the BD/UHD specification or Java.

Latest news

November 22nd, 2023
A new version of KITe v3.0.0.8 is out!
  • Improved automatic generation of PlayList (generation of TimeMarks).
  • Improved generation of Browsable Slideshow (accurate setting of TimeMarks).
  • Improved mux of Browsable Slideshows (smooth and accurate rewinding on Blu-ray player).
  • Improved "Import BD" function: subtitles demux and import.
  • Improved AVC video stream mux (higher bitrate in peak areas/sites).
  • Optimized creation of PES subtitles from BDN_XML.
  • Fixed false warning message for some cases of LFE flag for DTS HD.
  • Added the ability to create Browsable Slideshow PlayList with different Clips.
  • Improved drag'n'drop mode for Browsable Slideshow PlayList.
  • Fixed an error when deleting MovieObject.
  • Fixed time inaccuracy when creating Browsable Slideshow.
  • Fixed Buffer Overflow error in very rare cases in AVC.
  • Fixed video_format=0 to video_format=6 at 1088p resolution.
KITe Java:
  • Number of animation groups and enter animations/actions increased to 20.
  • Added Tools → Options → Interface → "Groups at left in animation lists".
  • Added right click menu to the animation list in the animation edit window. Allows to set duration for all animations in list and replace values.
  • Script functions added to the SWITCH condition list.
  • DoStudio project import: fixed aliases for subtitle values, added support for bucket values.
  • Added a warning if some values between the Root and Application certificates are identical.
  • Now KITe Java activates the menu/movie in which an error occurred during compilation.
  • Added Paste → "Add to existing (before/after)" in the Action Matrix. Converts the existing action to Multi-Action and adds new action to it.
  • Added an ability to copy enter action for the menu by selecting its number and clicking copy in the action matrix.
  • Added "Neon light" skin (for dark style).
  • Added autosize for Action Matrix on action change (check Tools → Options → General → Action matrix).
  • Added Project properties → Advanced → "Execute onSelect forcibly".
  • Now using black dummy pre-encoded video if video was not found for the menu.
  • Use baseline/middleline for text in project properties now used as default values (do not override these values for objects).
  • Library is updated.
  • Structure fully refactored. Added ability to move items and save positions.
  • Added "Browsable audio" to the playlist properties. If specified, will create a browsable playlist.
  • Added an ability to use custom playlist in menus (enable this feature in program options).
  • Added alphabetical mode to the Autoassign transitions.
  • Added Tools → Options → Tools → "External script editor" that allows to use an external script editor in the script edit window (a button in the script edit window).
  • Added an ability to apply alpha for the transparency effect.
  • Added Tools → Convert BDN.xml+PNG for HDR.
  • Added an ability to change a delay for Numeric Select Scenes.
  • VS 2012 Dark is now completely dark skin.
  • Added an ability to specify offset for subtitles.
  • Added Numeric select scenes script ("Project properties" → "Functions").
  • Switch/MA: fixed colors, changed shortcuts (see help).
  • Now using UTF-8 icons in log instead of notice/warning/error texts.
  • isPIPFSon/isPIPFSoff fixed.
  • Fixed baseline calculation for High DPI.
  • Fixed project backup: saving subtitles from outside the project folder, added video of the wrong region and DoStudio subtitles.
  • Fixed PSD import: auto-assign buttons, empty layers issue.
  • Fixed issue with static images in the scenes menu generator.
  • Fixed multiple JAR project loading.
  • Fixed crash when movie group contains only virtual movies.
  • Fixed text rendering.
  • Fixed navigation arrows.
  • In/out time fixed for playlists.
  • Log flickering fixed.
  • HDR conversion fixed.
  • Wizards fixed.
  • Subtitles preview fixed.
  • High DPI fixes.
  • Help updated.
May 12th, 2023
A new version of KITe v3.0 is out!
Added new features and checks. Significantly improved Drag&Drop capabilities, added additional BDN_XML subtitle checking, Playlist validation, improved Dolby Vision Mux and much more. Read the full list here. We are still continuing our subscription program and our best support system.
February 24th, 2022
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Customer Testimonials

KITe UHD was the perfect choice for our authoring needs as, unlike other UHD and Blu-ray tools on the market, it allowed us to open existing Blu-ray projects and with little asset modification and work we could repurpose these projects and create perfect UHD projects in very little time for replication. We have authored 10 commercial projects with KITe so far and were pleasantly surprised by the price, flexibility and competence of the support staff (very quick addressing all questions). In our assessment, KITe is an ideal solution for small and large studios alike - at a very competitive price point with unrivalled features and flexibility. It is truly a next-generation authoring tool.
I have now successfully re-authored more than 20 productions with DVD Reauthor Pro 3.0. The new productions from DVD Reauthor Pro 3.0 are identical to our first releases of the discs (made 3 years ago). Very good, it works very well!