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Version 1.3 of MPEG Parser is available here for downloading (without installer, 295 Kb). 

Version 1.3 of MPEG Parser is available here for downloading (with installer, 565 Kb).

MPEG Parser v1.3 is Free!

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   MPEG Parser is the viewer of MPEG-files internal structure. It can view fields of structures of MPEG file consists. MPEG Parser shows next data about MPEG file: Resolution, Frame rate, Size, Aspect ratio, Bitrate ... Utility allows to correct errors in MPEG - use menu item "Save corrected..." for this. You can also save internal structure in the text file via menu item "Save MPEG information...".   


Information about MPEG file processing modes:

Mode Description
Quick Quick processing mode. Quick parsing of the important fields of MPEG file only. Tree of the structure is not built. Cache file is not created.
Show first GOP Only first GOP in the file is parsed. All parameters of MPEG file except duration are shown. Tree-like structure for the first GOP only is built, cache file is not created.
Show tree Full parsing of the MPEG file with the building of tree-like structure and cache file creation.
Show extended tree This mode is like previous, but some additional fields are shown: SEQUENCE_SCALABLE_EXTENSION, QUANT_MATRIX_EXTENSION, PICTURE_DISPLAY_EXTENSION, PICTURE_SPATIAL_SCALABLE_EXTENSION, PICTURE_TEMPORAL_SCALABLE_EXTENSION, PICTURE_START, USER_DATA, additional streams. Cache file is created without additional fields.
Rewrite cache Mode is like “Show tree” mode, but cache file is rewritten.

Cache file is the file containing necessary data of the MPEG file. It allows not to parse one file twice, but only read the cache data in the memory.


Version history:

MPEG Parser version 1.0    (26.11.2004)

1. First release


MPEG Parser version 1.2    (7.12.2004)

1. Cache file concept added
2. Improved user interface
3. Additional parse mode added
4. Calculation of duration is corrected
5. Ability of the broken files parsing added
6. MPEG-1 files parsing added
7. Ability to save frames display order information added


MPEG Parser version 1.3    (11.12.2004)

1. Calculation of pulldown duration is corrected 
2. Parsing speed was improved
3. Tool for adding of SEQUENCE_END
4. Ability to cut the file in GOPs



Main window 
Main window 



Please send your questions about MPEG Parser to support@dvd-logic.com
(c) Copyright, 2004 DVDLogic Software