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Version 2.2 of Subtitles Creator is available here for downloading (without installer, 310 Kb). 

Version 2.2 of Subtitles Creator is available here for downloading (with installer, 510 Kb).

Subtitles Creator v2.2 is Free!

   Subtitles Creator is a software to create a list of subpictures. Initial data in this case is an SRT-file, and output data contains a list of subpictures in BMP format and SST-file for Sonic Scenarist. SST-file is a text file which sets up correspondence between an image file name and the time when it is shown on the screen. So, with this small tool you can create subtitles from "0" within seconds. Then they can be easily added to the Scenarist.


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Please send your questions about Subtitles Creator to support@dvd-logic.com
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