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Order online DVD Reauthor Standard 3.0 Full version - $149.95:

1. Purchase via credit card here.

2. After we recieve your payment we will send you letter with the ComputerID detection program.

3. After we recieve your ComputerID and User Name we will send you letter with the full version of the DVD Reauthor Standard 3.0 and with the unlock code (Serial Number) for the full version.

4. Install software and enter registration data we'll send you.

All registered users may update DVD Reauthor Standard 2.X to version 3.0 for $50.

- To update you may make a request to support (support@dvd-logic.com)

- Specify your User Name and ComputerID or e-mail.

Please send your questions about DVD Reauthor to support@dvd-logic.com
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