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Script Merger for Sonic Scenarist

Script Merger is a small tool which helps DVD author to work with the Sonic Scenarist base. It is intended for automatic merging of single projects of Sonic Scenarist into one.

Detailed description:

Term "project" means the text file of script *.SCP, that can be generated without problems from project file *.SCN, or with the help of DVD Reauthor software. Script Merger merges two or more scripts correctly, as a result you receive summary script, which is ready to import in Scenarist.It is possible to start working with a resulting project immediately.

In this dimension there is a following limitation: size of resulting project can exceed the accepted standard for DVD, as the resulting script consists of a few DVD projects. Software does not check physical size of DVD that will be created basing on resulting script, as with the growth of medium sizes this dimension is not critical.

The main features of Script Merger:

  • Script Merger generates simple main menu of DVD in Video Manager with ability to jump into beginning of any summarized DVD project.
  • All jumps and links in the resulting script are shifted as not to change internal logic of every project work.
  • Work stages of software:

  • Loading and full parsing of input script - forming of script elements.
  • Merging of Data Folder, Track Folder and Scenario elements one by one.
  • Generation of DVD main menu for input projects.
  • Convertion and saving of merged elements of script in file.
  • Please send your questions about Script Merger to support@dvd-logic.com
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