• Assets List - KITe UHD Authoring Suite allows users to import assets using 4 main stream types in the form of files: Video, Audio, Menu and Subtitles. Assets list is source elements for all work. Every used asset file must be preliminary opened and shown in assets list. Filling of assets list is the first stage of work.
  • Properties Window - special Properties Viewer shows all important properties for every Video or Audio file selected in assets list. You can see such parameters as: File Size, Video Format, Horizontal and Vertical size, Aspect ratio, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Profile, Sample Frequency, Number of Channels and Duration.
  • Clip List - special window shows list of clips. Clip - this is a special BD element that connects Video, Audio, Menu and Subtitles in the one track. There are several clip types according to the BD specification: Main Movie, Slideshow, Audio, Menu and several more. KITe allows you to create any type of clip using Clip list window in the user interface. Clip creation is step 2 in BD authoring process.
  • PlayLists - allows you to create any clip combination or sequence. PlayList is also standard BD specification element. Here you can construct your own PlayList from different types of PlayItems, SubPath, SubPlayItems or TimeMarks. PlayList Editor allows to manually change any field.
  • Titles List - window shows the list of all BD Titles. You can see here TopMenu and FirstPlay element also. You can add or delete any BD title.
  • Clip Editor - this user interface element allows visualising any Clip from Clip List in view of separate Video/Audio streams. You can change start offsets for Audio/Subtitles streams here. There is useful info here, such as stream durations, filenames and assigned languages.
  • MovieObjects - you can create your own MovieObject and use it in any way according to the BD specification. You can write and check correctness of standard BD navigation commands. Navigation command editor will highlight special commands name and parameters with different colors. This allows you to reduce the possibility of errors during navigation commands writing.
  • BD schema - very complex elements represent BD map. It includes all elements as visual rectangles on one panel. BD schema shows Titles, MovieObjects, PlayLists, PlayItems, SubPath and SubPlayItems. It shows also all connections between these elements. You can move, resize, select any element on BD schema. This approach allows the creation of BD alternatively to Clip/PlayList/Title editors. You just need to use the pop up menu clicking on right mouse button and then select appropriate menu item like "Create Title" or "Link to PlayList".
  • BD import - use this function for importing any existing BD into KITe UHD Authoring Suite. Later you can work with this BD as with an ordinary project file.
  • EasyBD projects import - open and convert to KITe project from our previous generation authoring tool EasyBD project file.
  • Import existent IES file - If you created your menu using IGEditor or have demuxed IG file after BD Demuxer you can use this file simply adding it in Assets List. You can create or edit any difficult Interactive menu according to the BD specification using IGEditor.
  • Create professional Java menu using KITe Java tool - Create full valuable UHD BD with Java based menu very transparently for user. Enhanced but powerfull user interface, that does not requires any special knowledge of Java programming.
  • Checking validity of the Video/Audio/IES - the program allows you to check validity of the used files to conform to BD specification. KITe UHD Authoring Suite can not mux out of spec or broken files, so you will receive error message on such inappropriate files.
  • Step by step Blu-Ray construction to BD specification - KITe constructs BD that are strictly defined in the Blu-ray Disc specification. That is why, the program can used any user that is familiar with BD specification. This helps to avoid the errors and incompatibility while BD construction.
  • BDCMF export function - KITe UHD Authoring Suite generates BDCMF and all special data files for professional authoring.


List of supported BD and UHD formats


  • Video:
  •    MPEG-2 (*.m2v)
       SMPTE VC-1 (*.vc1)
       MPEG-4 AVC (*.avc)
       MPEG-4 MVC (*.mvc)
       H265 HEVC (*.hevc)
       Dolby Vision(TM) (*.hevc + *.hevc)


  • Audio:
  •    Linear PCM (*.wav)
       Dolby Digital (*.ac3)
       Dolby Digital Plus (*.ec3)
       Dolby TrueHD (*.ac3 + *.mlp)
       DTS (*.dts)
       DTS-HD High Resolution (*.dtshd)
       DTS-HD Master Audio (*.dtshd)
       Dolby Atmos (*.ac3 + *.mlp)
       Auro3D (*.dtshd)
       DTS-X (*.dtshd)


  • Subtitles:
  •    SST (*.sst)
       BDN XML (*.xml)
       PES (*.pes + *.mui)

  • Interactive Menu
  •    IES (*.ies)