Our Customers

We consider each and every one of our customers to be unique and we always try to find a personal approach for their specific needs. Our goal is total customer satisfaction. Here is a list of our valued customers currently using KITe in their facilities:

1. Lucertola Media, Schwabach, Germany.


2. Movie Design, Cologne, Germany.


3. Remote Digital, Melbourne, Australia.


4. GLS-Studios GmbH, Munich, Germany.


5. MSM-Studios GmbH, Munich, Germany.


6. Platin Media productions GmbH & Co. KG, Sarstedt, Germany.


7. Press9 Media Solutions, Berlin, Germany.


8. 64BIZ, Rome, Italy.


9. Saal Media, Schifferstadt, Germany.


10. BK Media, Verl, Germany.


11. DVDlab s.a.s., Rome, Italy.


12. i-Frame, Hilversum, Nederlands.


13. Best of Picture, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.


14. Milchglas-Media GmbH, Munich, Germany.


15. Ryan Masciola, North Carolina, USA.


16. Duplitech, California, USA.