DVDLogic KITe UHD Authoring Suite is a professional Blu-ray and UHD BD authoring solution for studio and individual use. It contains all the necessary functions for combining video, audio, interactive graphics (menu) and subtitles into a fully functional and playable Blu-ray product. KITe's user interface is detailed and shows all fields as defined in the BD Specifications, to enable the creation of fully “Spec compliant” Blu-rays, ranging from simple to structurally complex. Once completed, its "Import BD" function provides reusability by allowing you to open, import, modify and recompile new projects in a timely manner for greater productivity and cost efficiency.

    Using KITe UHD Authoring Suite, you can construct your initial project, starting with a single video stream, build upon and improve it functionally - by adding multiple video, audio, subtitle, interactive menu, navigation commands, titles and chapters. Coupled with IGEditor and KITe Java modules, you can add very complex menu interactivity through full-colored images, plus a large number of buttons, shapes, variety of sounds and effects to captivate your audience.

    Official certification

      DVDLogic Software is an official licensee of the UHD BD Specifications. Our experience and track record in developing time proven and widely used software products, assures credibility and dependability to deliver sophisticated and reliable tools geared towards UHD BD authoring. To meet the highest industry standards, we also utilize the Panasonic UHD and Eclipse BDCMF Verifier for product compliance.

      Confirm Blu-ray Disc Association BD-ROM4 (UHD BD) registration here.

      Main functions of KITe UHD Authoring Suite:

      • Supports all supported BD and UHD BD Specification Video and Audio formats
      • HDR/SDR and Dolby Vision™ support
      • Supports Java Menus using KITe Java
      • Supports Interactive Menu using IG Editor
      • Dolby® Digital, Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby Atmos®, Auro-3D®, DTS, DTS-HD, DTS:X™, PCM/Wave support
      • Access to use all HDMV commands or Java navigation for complex projects
      • Create Chapters and Titles
      • Display detailed stream properties
      • Accurate user interface for step-by-step creation of complex projects
      • Supports Multi-angle and Secondary video implementation
      • Generate CMF and UHD CMF for replication
      • Integrated BD Reauthor functionality for opening and importing old projects
      • Error free output confirmed by all known BD and UHD BD verifiers

      KITe UHD Authoring Suite product comparisons:

      Functions Multi UHD Java UHD HDMV 2D+3D Java 2D+3D HDMV 2D HDMV
      Advanced authoring functionalities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
      Import BD and UHD BD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
      KITe Java (Java menu) Yes Yes No Yes No No
      Interactive Menu compilation and emulation (IG Editor) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
      UHD Muxer Yes Yes Yes No No No
      BD 2D Muxer Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
      BD 3D Muxer Yes No No Yes Yes No
      Dolby Vision™ Muxer Yes Yes Yes No No No
      BDCMF and ISO export Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
      CC-Ultra UHD/4K compatible Yes Yes Yes No No No
      Price in Euros support@dvd-logic.com 14,500 12,000 10,700 7,700 4,700

      News and announcements

      January, 2019: New version 2.4 of KITe UHD Authoring Suite released!

      As the Blu-ray Association continues updating the BD Specification, so do we continue updating our software to conform with the latest changes to Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

      The latest KITe UHD v2.4 provided support for the most recent UHD BD specification updates:
      - multiplex HDR10+ streams
      - multiplex Dolby Vision™

      Additionally, built-in tools like IG Editor, BD Wizard, Quick BD Menu and BDCMF generator were also updated, plus we have made optimizations to our Muxing engine and KITe Java option as well. 

      KITe HDR10+ update - 1,000 EUR.
      KITe Dolby Vision update – 4,000 EUR.
      KITe UHD v2.x upgrade (from v1.x) - 1,000 EUR.

      Please contact us if you wish to receive this upgrade.

      March, 2018: KITe UHD Authoring Suite ver. 2.1 with improved Java & HDMV features now available

      Working meticulously during the past few months, we have managed to implement a considerable number of customer requests and improvements to KITe’s HDMV, Java authoring and Menu compilation applications. The resulting “KITe Authoring Suite Ver. 2.1” represents a more optimized and efficient product, geared towards stand-alone usage but equally capable of importing (BD-ReAuthor) diverse projects and discimages created by 3rd-party UHD and BD authoring applications.

      These efforts have enabled users to process some significant UHD title releases for the European and Asian markets, which include “Valerian”, “LaLa Land”, “Hitman’s Bodyguard” as well as the first European Dolby Vision™ release “Saw Legacy”, to name a few.

      KITe ver. 2.1 additionally offers full support for:
      - Dolby Vision™
      - Remote Control colored button utilization for Pure Audio® UHD/Blu-ray
      - Sophisticated Java and HDMV title creation
      - Multi-format audio (Auro-3D®, DTS-HD, DTS:X, PCM/WAV, Dolby™ TrueHD, Atmos®, Dolby™ Digital)
      - Browseable Slideshows
      - Multi-format subtitles

      November, 2017: DVDLogic has made unprecedented steps to support DoStudio users making the transition to KITe as comfortable and smooth as possible.

      Now you can open DoStudio project file directly in KITe Java! We’ve released KITe UHD Authoring Suite v2 with several ultimate useful features like:

      - Import of DoStudio projects (DSA EX, DSA Indie, DSA Hybrid (mixed), Java support and support of DoStudio (.dost) subtitle format)
      - Improved Muxing engine
      - Improved Seamless connection functions
      - Improved user interface
      * Special prices for DoStudio users: 4000 Euro for regular BD version!

      Special services include 24-hour email response, flexible payment terms and user suggestions consideration list. Amongst those scheduled are "4 steps for basic BD creation with menu", "Restore old and re-new it" and "Simple Java menu creation".

      September 1, 2017: Join us during IBC 2017 (Amsterdam RAI - Hall 6 – A16) from September 15 – 19, for product demonstrations of KITe’s 2.0 array of innovative features and previews of things to come.

      Thanks to the overwhelming response and customer recommendations, our developers have significantly improved KITe’s features and capabilities, to satisfy their requests - the most beneficial has been optional Java support for all KITe modules. This has resulted in an expansion of our customer base, plus the release of dozens of BD and UHD titles being successfully authored and replicated to their satisfaction.

      In support of the owners and users of the discontinued DoStudio product line and also to improve the workflow of alternate authoring platforms, DVDLogic is currently offering KITe modules at attractive (-30%) price reductions, through September 30.

      All KITe 2.0 modules are unrestricted and fully BD Specification compliant, providing complete feature sets and support for all applicable audio, video, graphics, subtitle formats, resolutions, framerates, angles, chapters, navigation commands, playlists, movie objects, etc. which include:

      - KITe (Java) 2D/3D/UHD
      - KITe (HDMV) 2D/3D/UHD
      - IG Editor / IG Emulator
      - BD Reauthor
      - 3rd Party Project Import
      - BD/UHD Wizard
      - Quick BD Menu
      - CMF support
      - Dolby Vision support

      See you soon!

      May, 2017: Gain more benefit with KITe!

      As the UHD market continues to grow and the list of titles made with KITe increases, so does the number of improvements and handy features to KITe Authoring Suite continue to expand.

      KITe’s unique features is comprised of the following:

      - Import BDMV
      - Project Wizard
      - Chapter Editor with preview
      - Java menu unit
      - Quick BD Menu wizard
      - Import projects from other authoring tools
      - Automatic Verification (3rd party BD Verifier required)

      Special services include 24-hour email response, flexible payment terms and user suggestions consideration list. Amongst those scheduled are "4 steps for basic BD creation with menu", "Restore old and re-new it" and "Simple Java menu creation".

      As a special offer during Summer 2017, current users of DoStudio can replace or upgrade their discontinued 2D/3D licenses at the discount price of 4,500 Euros. We would like to say “Thank you”, for your suggestions during the past year and for your continued use of DVDLogic products. We are greatly encouraged and motivated by your enthusiasm, so you can rest assured that rapid and constant development will continue on our part.

      Yes indeed - UHD/4K BD lives here!

      January, 2017: Shake off the Winter blues with KITe UHD!

      Winter 2016 is almost behind us, and with it disappears much of the gloom and uncertainty concerning the future of UHD. Many had predicted that the format was doomed to fail, however the increasing number software products, televisions, UHD players plus titles available from video outlets throughout the US, Europe, UK and Amazon indicate the opposite.

      Since August 2016, participating studios have used KITe Authoring Suite to successfully produce more than 30x titles. A partial list of these can be seen here ...

      DVDLogic continues to enhance KITe Java and KITe HDMV with the recent implementation of a “BD/UHD Wizard”, providing a simple process which allows authoring professionals and enthusiasts to realize functional titles in 4-simple steps. The applications also provides complete AACS2 as well as CMF 1.0 support for single, double and triple-layer UHD formats.

      KITe Authoring Suite Ver. 1.5 is the perfect substitute or complement to competing authoring products..... Several studios already benefit from its UHD/BD Re-author feature, which enables cross-platform support and re-purposing of assets, disc images, templates and project structures, allowing for fast, intuitive, accurate and effective realization of titles – irrespective of which tool was utilized in their original creation.

      When others fall short, DVDLogic is there to provide support and satisfy the ever growing requirements of the industry!! For more details, pricing and inquiries please visit our website or contact us directly:

      Request the Demo

      Priceing info

      December 1, 2016: December promotion available for all DVDLogic products!

      Since the product launch in August, we’ve made significant advances by extending our install base to customers across Germany, Italy, USA and Australia who are now benefitting from KITe UHD Authoring Suite’s proprietary, accurate, efficient BD and UHD workflow optimization functions. Utilizing KITe, they have successfully released several high profile titles in all BD formats, namely BD-25, BD-50, UHD-66 and UHD-100 (in Standard & High Dynamic Range), available from Amazon.com and video outlets. A list of replicated titles can be seen here...

      With the recent addition of KITe Java, customers now exercise options not available with HDMV, for example, animated buttons with audio, full color graphics, conditional branching and access to numeric and colored buttons on remote.

      Take advantage of our extended offer in effect during the entire month of December, when with every purchase you will receive an additional complimentary product (of lesser or equal value), plus a copy of Cinema Craft Lite encoder:

      KITe UHD & BD Java Suite
      KITe UHD & BD HDMV Suite
      KITe UHD Java
      KITe BD Java
      KITe BD HDMV

      Don’t miss out...

      September 1, 2016: DVDLogic Software in collaboration with Silicon Philosophies are pleased to invite you to become acquainted with our recently released, innovative UHD BD Authoring & HEVC encoding solutions during IBC 2016 exhibition (Booth 5.B16), Amsterdam RAI from 9-13 Sept 2016.

      Several major Hollywood and other releases have already been authored using our KITe UHD BD product, replicated and available in stores and on Amazon. Feel free to email us in advance to make an appointment. We look forward to personally answering all your questions and demonstrating the features of.

      See you soon!

      June 27th, 2016: KITe Beta Program nearing June 30 closing date! The past 3-months have been extremely grueling to our development team, yet equally successful, thanks to the joint efforts and active participation of those who took the opportunity, not only to join, but to evaluate KITe.

      Their candid feedback and recommendations resulting from a hands-on approach, is greatly appreciated and enabled us qualify, test and integrate all of the requests and features which now reside in KITe. As scheduled, we will launch these features on KITe on July 1:

      UHD, 2D and 3D support
      Integrated HDMV menu module
      Integrated HDMV menu debugging
      Integrated BD-Demuxer module
      Java menu creation and support
      Seamless branching
      Multi-format, multi-channel audio support
      Multi-format video steam support
      Cross-Authoring platform import of ISO and BDMV projects
      Cutting Master generation for UHD, 2D and 3D titles
      Blu-ray Specification compliant output
      Modular feature deployment
      Integrated Help
      Qualified technical support, via email, remote access, etc.

      Further enhancements are underway, which will be made available in upcoming releases.

      We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire KITe and save 50% on orders placed by June 30, 2016.

      May, 2016: We are conducting Beta Testing activities for our UHD authoring application! DVDLogic Software in partnership with Silicon Philosophies are proud to announce our newest multi-functional UHD BD authoring application, known as KITe; empowering small to mid-sized companies to join this latest trend. KITe is based on our familiar BD-Author 3D concept and user interface, but in addition, provides UHD functionalities.