Quick Look

    DVDLogic IGEditor contains all necessary means for creating and editing interactive menus of Blu-ray discs. Work with IGEditor is handy, visually easy to use and quick. IGEditor allows you to create interactive menus with basic functionality to complex compliant menus all by adhering to the BD BD specification. IGEditor contains special functions for any graphic image adaptation, palette recalculation, navigation commands writing, opening and editing existing menus. Menu’s created by IGEditor can be immediately be opened and muxed in Rovi Scenarist BD.

    Changes and additional functions for IGEditor version 2.1 from version 2.0:

    • Improved and fixed bugs in Effects wizard.
    • Improved and optimized "Update PSD" function.
    • Added real time buffer calculation.
    • Improved help system.

    Changes and additional functions for IGEditor version 2.0 from version 1.4:

    • PSD Update function for Scenarist format PSD.
    • PSD Update function for DoStudio format PSD.
    • Effects wizard, allows create effects in few seconds.
    • Interactive help for commands in commands editor.
    • Commands wizard for easy commands/parameters editing.
    • "Link to button" function, allows set next button link by mouse.
    • Encoded buffer calculation function.

    Changes and additional functions for IGEditor version 1.1 from version 1.0:

    • Import Photoshop PSD file for Rovi Scenarist.
    • Import Photoshop PSD file for Sony DoStudio.
    • Export current IG project to Photoshop PSD file for Rovi Scenarist or Sony DoStudio.
    • User interface improved.
    • Added fuction for automatic deletion of not used objects and palttes.
    • Checking of objects sizes according to BD specification.
    • Fixed bug in Scenarist Designer file importing
    • Fixed bug in Objects order while saving IES file. It is strictly according to BD specification now.

    News and announcements

    January, 2019: New version 2.4 of KITe UHD Authoring Suite released!

    As the Blu-ray Association continues updating the BD Specification, so do we continue updating our software to conform with the latest changes to Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

    The latest KITe UHD v2.4 provided support for the most recent UHD BD specification updates:
    - multiplex HDR10+ streams
    - multiplex Dolby Vision™

    Additionally, built-in tools like IG Editor, BD Wizard, Quick BD Menu and BDCMF generator were also updated, plus we have made optimizations to our Muxing engine and KITe Java option as well. 

    KITe HDR10+ update - 1,000 EUR.
    KITe Dolby Vision update – 4,000 EUR.
    KITe UHD v2.x upgrade (from v1.x) - 1,000 EUR.

    Please contact us if you wish to receive this upgrade.

    March, 2018: KITe UHD Authoring Suite ver. 2.1 with improved Java & HDMV features now available

    Working meticulously during the past few months, we have managed to implement a considerable number of customer requests and improvements to KITe’s HDMV, Java authoring and Menu compilation applications. The resulting “KITe Authoring Suite Ver. 2.1” represents a more optimized and efficient product, geared towards stand-alone usage but equally capable of importing (BD-ReAuthor) diverse projects and discimages created by 3rd-party UHD and BD authoring applications.

    These efforts have enabled users to process some significant UHD title releases for the European and Asian markets, which include “Valerian”, “LaLa Land”, “Hitman’s Bodyguard” as well as the first European Dolby Vision™ release “Saw Legacy”, to name a few.

    KITe ver. 2.1 additionally offers full support for:
    - Dolby Vision™
    - Remote Control colored button utilization for Pure Audio® UHD/Blu-ray
    - Sophisticated Java and HDMV title creation
    - Multi-format audio (Auro-3D®, DTS-HD, DTS:X, PCM/WAV, Dolby™ TrueHD, Atmos®, Dolby™ Digital)
    - Browseable Slideshows
    - Multi-format subtitles

    November, 2017: DVDLogic has made unprecedented steps to support DoStudio users making the transition to KITe as comfortable and smooth as possible.

    Now you can open DoStudio project file directly in KITe Java! We’ve released KITe UHD Authoring Suite v2 with several ultimate useful features like:

    - Import of DoStudio projects (DSA EX, DSA Indie, DSA Hybrid (mixed), Java support and support of DoStudio (.dost) subtitle format)
    - Improved Muxing engine
    - Improved Seamless connection functions
    - Improved user interface
    * Special prices for DoStudio users: 4000 Euro for regular BD version!

    Special services include 24-hour email response, flexible payment terms and user suggestions consideration list. Amongst those scheduled are "4 steps for basic BD creation with menu", "Restore old and re-new it" and "Simple Java menu creation".

    May, 2016: We are conducting Beta Testing activities for our UHD authoring application! DVDLogic Software in partnership with Silicon Philosophies are proud to announce our newest multi-functional UHD BD authoring application, known as KryptonITe; empowering small to mid-sized companies to join this latest trend. KryptonITe is based on our familiar BD-Author 3D concept and user interface, but in addition, provides UHD functionalities.

    March, 26, 2014: IG Editor version 2.4 released! In new version we improved "Update PSD" function and optimized IES generation function. Update from version 2.X to version 2.4 is free.

    February, 1st, 2013: IG Editor version 2.0 released! In new version added PSD Update function for DoStudio and Scenarist format PSD, Effects wizard, allows create effects in few seconds, Commands wizard for easy commands/parameters editing and more...

    November, 14th, 2012: Quick BD Menu version 2.0 released! Everything is possible now: In new version added "Bonus" menu page, ability to add new buttons, navigation commands compiler and many more...

    April, 16th, 2012: BD Author first version released! This is a professional BD authoring solution for studio use. It contains all the necessary functions for compilation, separate video, audio, interactive graphics (menu) and subtitles into one full valuable BD. BD Author's user interface is very simple and shows all existing BD fields to allows creation of BD with maximum complexity while adhering to the BD specification.

    January, 10th, 2011: IGEditor v1.4 released! Memory optimized and memory errors fixed. We recommend updating to IGEditor 1.4. Update for all previous users is free.

    November, 10th, 2010: IGEditor v1.3 released! In new version 1.3 we fixed serious bug in memory allocation on big and complex IG Projects. We recommend updating to IGEditor 1.3. Update for all previous users is free.

    October, 14th, 2010: IGEditor v1.1 released! PSD file import and export added, several bugs fixed.

    August, 14th, 2010: First release.