Subtitle menu issue

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Subtitle menu issue

Postby EdWay » Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:22 pm

Hi all,

Relative n00b to authoring here - and so my apologies in advance if this is a stupid question, but I have googled around in search of an answer but have thus far come up empty handed.

Using EasyBD / QuickBM / IGEditor

Here's the issue - I am creating a super simple BR menu - first page= select subs - english/arabic/no subs, second page= play with/without intro or go back to previous menu.

Everything is working perfectly on 3 of 4 DVD players we have (1 Sony region B - Sony BDP-S185, 1 sony region A - Sony BDP-S1200, 1 Panasonic region A - DMP-BD81).

On our 4th player - a Yamaha region B player (Yamaha BD-S1065) that is slightly older than the other models - whichever subtitle I select in the first menu the same subtitle is on when the movie plays.

I believe the issue may be in the code not be recognised from IGEditor specifying which subtitle track to play as the BR player will play which subtitle is listed as #1 in EasyBD.

The code in the buttons are (so that it goes to the appropriate button on the next page where I can select play with/without intro):

SetStream PG_textST:1 ShowPG_textST:On
SetButtonPage Button:3 Page(Effect:On):1


SetStream PG_textST:2 ShowPG_textST:On
SetButtonPage Button:3 Page(Effect:On):1

I have reversed the order of the code, previously it was:

SetStream ShowPG_textST:On PG_textST:1
SetButtonPage Button:3 Page(Effect:On):1

I have tried making the menu multiplexed and non-multiplexed. Does anyone have any other potential solutions?

In desperate need of help as deadline is tomorrow and be looking for a solution to this for days?

Many thanks in advance for any help!!!

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Re: Subtitle menu issue

Postby EdWay » Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:59 pm

I didn't find a fix for this - still interested to know if anyone knows where I'm going wrong or how to fix it.

However I did find a work around:

I moved the code from the menu to the beginning of a playlist - so instead of the menu telling the player which sub to play it simply pointed it towards a unique playlist. So 3 menus - 6 playlists - first choosing with or without the intro then the other two menus were selecting subs that pointed each to separate playlist.

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