• Track List — EasyBD allows user to create tracks using 4 main stream types in form of files: Video, Audio, Menu and Subtitles. Track can contain one simple Video or can use Interactive Menu and 32 Audio streams.
  • Properties Window — Special Properties Viewer shows all important properties for every Video or Audio file. You can see such parameters as: Video Format, Horizontal and Vertical size, Aspect ratio, Bit Rate, Frame Rate, Profile, Sample Frequency, Number of Channels and Duration.
  • Language and Offset setting for Audio/Subtitles — EasyBD allows to set different Languages and time Offsets to every Audio and Subtitle stream.
  • Import existent IES file — If you created your menu using IG Editor or have demuxed IG file after BD Demuxer you can use this file simple specifying it in Track. You can create or edit any difficult Interactive menu according to BD specification using DVDLogic IGEditor.
  • Checking correctness of the Video/Audio/IES files — the program allows you to check correctness of the used files to conform to BD specification. EasyBD can not mux wrong or broken files, so you will receive error message on such inappropriate files.
  • Chapters settings — set any number of chapters using manual or automatic method. EasyBD allows also input chapters through SCV or TXT file.
  • Chapter visualisation function — visulaize chapter positions in Track, clicking on menu "Add Chapters using wizard". This function makes it easy and allows you to see a particular place where any given chapter is set.
  • Titles and playback sequence — EasyBD allows to set any order for tracks playback. You can also create BD Titles and attach Tracks sequence to the Titles.
  • MovieObjects and Advanced commands — this is not mandatory partition, but if you are familiar with BD navigation commands you can create your own MovieObject and use it in any way according to BD specification. Please ignore this option if you are not BD professional. EasyBD will fill this by default.
  • Navigation commands editor with syntax highlight — while programming of MovieObjcts behaviour using navigation commands, editor will highlight special commands name and parameters with different colors. This allows you to reduce the possibility to make error during navigation commands writing.
  • Step by step Blu-Ray construction is simple but very close to BD specification — EasyBD constructs BD in part that are strictly defined in the Blu-ray Disc specification. That is why, the program can use any user that is familiar with BD specification. From another hand this helps to avoid the errors and incompatibility while BD construction.


List of supported BD formats


  • Video:
  •    MPEG-2 (*.m2v)

       SMPTE VC-1 (*.vc1)

       MPEG-4 AVC (*.avc)


  • Audio:
  •    Linear PCM (*.wav)

       Dolby Digital (*.ac3)

       Dolby Digital Plus (*.ec3)

       Dolby TrueHD (*.ac3 + *.mlp)

       DTS (*.dts)

       DTS-HD High Resolution (*.dtshd)

       DTS-HD Master Audio (*.dtshd)


  • Subtitles:
  •    SST (*.sst)

       BDN XML (*.xml)

       PES (*.pes + *.mui)


  • Interactive Menu
  •    IES (*.ies)



Changes in version:


  • Added:
  •    - chapter visualisation function;


  • Optimized:
  •    - Dolby TrueHD audio (*.ac3 + *.mlp);

       - Dolby Digital Plus audio (*.ec3);

       - navigation commands import/export function;


    Changes in version:


    • Added:
    •    - options form and default language set option;

         - "Reopen" menu item for recently opened projects;

         - importing chapters times from PlayList *.mpls file;

         - colors for chapters in chapters list;

         - "favorite languages" in languages selection form;

         - import/export navigation commands in *.txt and *.ncmd;

         - Quick BD Menu version 1.1 (for Studio version only);


    • Optimized:
    •    - M2TS multiplexing is now optimized for Sony BD Verifier;

         - built-in BD demuxer kernel;

         - track properties processing speed;

         - user interface;

         - negative offset for Subtitles;

         - project file structure;

         - hot keys;


      Changes in version:


      • Added:
      •    - audio for Browsable slideshow;

           - times changed from milliseconds to frames;

           - chapters times in Drop or Non drop modes;

           - notification while opening Java based BDs;

           - *.ebProj file extension associated with EasyBD;

           - options "Re-generate file info before compilation";


      • Optimized:
      •    - M2TS multiplexing in case if video file timestamp is not zero;

           - virtual tracks for Browsable or Timebased slideshow;

           - MovieObjects flags and commands editor;


      Changes in version:


      • Added:
      •    - CSV saving for chapters times;

           - keyboard shortcuts;

           - options for file info generation;

           - strict track types;

           - browsable and timebased slideshow;

           - global users operations flags;

           - BD playlist flags for tracks;

           - filepath selection for IG Editor;

           - color highlighting for different track types;

           - track duration calculation;


      • Fixed:
      •    - AVC parameters detection;

           - property window visualisation;

           - BDN muxing error;


      • Optimized:
      •    - error detection and output;

           - project file structure;

           - file format info generation;

           - log;

           - project loading time;

           - MovieObjects and commands editor;

           - Interactive menu compilation;


      Changes in version:

      • 1. MovieObject Flags added.
      • 2. BD Muxer fixed to be more accurate in PTS/DTS times calculation.
      • 3. BD Muxer fields and tables optimization according to better M2TS size.
      • 4. Eclipse testing passed.
      • 5. "Fast forward" and "Fast backward" functions fixed.