Quick Look

    DVDLogic EasyBD is simple semi-professional BD authoring solution for home and studio using. It contains all necessary functions for compilation separate video, audio, interactive graphics (menu) and subtitles into one full valuable BD. EasyBD has very simple but flexible user interface and allows create BD in short term. The main concept of the solution is that you can easily create your simple Blu-ray without any special knowledge. From the other hand you can find many interesting features using EasyBD if you are BD professional and familiar with BD specification.

    EasyBD intended for wide range of users and allows to use wide number of BD possibilities according to BD specification. You can start your first project from single video stream and continue improving it adding audio, subtitles, interactive menu, navigation commands, titles, chapters and many more ... In couple with IGEditor EasyBD allows to add very complex interactive menu with large number of buttons and commands.

    We simplified basic concepts of BD specification but leave all included in more understandable for any user form.

    Several main functions of EasyBD:

    • Compiles all supported by BD specification Video and Audio.
    • Compiles Subtitles.
    • Compiles Interactive Menu.
    • Possibility to use all navigation commands for complex projects.
    • Creates Chapters and Titles.
    • Shows all detailed info about every stream.
    • Very simple user interface allows step by step create complex projects.
    • Inexpensive and acceptable for home and studio using.

    Differences between EasyBD Studio, BD Author 3D v3 and BD Author UHD v4:

    Functions BD Author UHD v4 BD Author 3D with BDCMF EasyBD Studio with BDCMF BD Author with IGEditor v2.4 BD Author with IGEditor v1.4 EasyBD Studio with IGEditor v2.4 EasyBD Studio with IGEditor v1.4
    Navigation commands are accessible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Interactive Menu compilation and IG Editor support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Several PlayItems Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Seamless connections Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Slideshow compilation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Angles compilation Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No
    Secondary video (Picture in Picture) compilation Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No
    Extended user interface Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    User interface is similar to BD specification Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No
    Extended set of tracks Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Built-in BD Reauthor function Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Interactive Menu Editor included Yes v2.6 Yes v2.6 Yes v2.6 Yes v2.4 Yes v1.4 Yes v2.4 Yes v1.4
    Quick BD Menu included Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes
    M2TS adjusted to BD verifier Yes, UHD verifier Yes Yes Not 100% Not 100% Not 100% Not 100%
    BDCMF export Yes Yes Yes No No No No
    CC-Ultra UHD/4K compatible Yes No No No No No No
    Price in Euro support@dvd-logic.com 2999 1999 1499 1299 999 799

    Download BD example mutliplexed with EasyBD (Interactive menu created in Quick BD Menu):

    News and announcements

    November, 2017: DVDLogic has made unprecedented steps to support DoStudio users making the transition to KITe as comfortable and smooth as possible.

    Now you can open DoStudio project file directly in KITe Java! We’ve released KITe UHD Authoring Suite v2 with several ultimate useful features like:

    - Import of DoStudio projects (DSA EX, DSA Indie, DSA Hybrid (mixed), Java support and support of DoStudio (.dost) subtitle format)
    - Improved Muxing engine
    - Improved Seamless connection functions
    - Improved user interface
    * Special prices for DoStudio users: 4000 Euro for regular BD version!

    Special services include 24-hour email response, flexible payment terms and user suggestions consideration list. Amongst those scheduled are "4 steps for basic BD creation with menu", "Restore old and re-new it" and "Simple Java menu creation".

    May, 2016: We are conducting Beta Testing activities for our UHD authoring application! DVDLogic Software in partnership with Silicon Philosophies are proud to announce our newest multi-functional UHD BD authoring application, known as KryptonITe; empowering small to mid-sized companies to join this latest trend. KryptonITe is based on our familiar BD-Author 3D concept and user interface, but in addition, provides UHD functionalities.

    January, 26th, 2016: EasyBD Studio versions 3.0 released! BDCMF export function added, completely remade BD muxer generates 100% BD verifier compatible M2TS files suitable for all BD players, B-pyramides processing.

    June, 26th, 2014: EasyBD Studio versions 2.8 released! ISO Image function added. BD Muxer improved.

    May, 26th, 2014: EasyBD Studio versions 2.6 released! We continue improving our BD Muxer kernel. Now we concentrate our efforts on accurate muxing and speed optimization. We implemented some optimization, including multi-thread approach and now updated our all BD authoring software line.

    May, 15th, 2013: EasyBD Studio versions 2.4 released! This is free quick update for EasyBD Studio v2.X users. New version 2.4 has several not critical improvements. Read more here...

    February, 1st, 2013: IG Editor version 2.0 released! In new version added PSD Update function for DoStudio and Scenarist format PSD, Effects wizard, allows create effects in few seconds, Commands wizard for easy commands/parameters editing and more...

    November, 14th, 2012: Quick BD Menu version 2.0 released! Everything is possible now: In new version added "Bonus" menu page, ability to add new buttons, navigation commands compiler and many more...

    September, 20th, 2012: BD Author version 1.3 released! In new BD Author we made important improvements in Browsable slideshow creation: Audio clips for BS, PlayList for BS, time accuracy. We also optimized "New from BD" function and work with Interactive Menu. Several bugs are fixed. Update is free for all registered users! Remained only last 10 days for 20% discount for BD Author, EasyBD Pro, Suite or Studio version.

    August, 20th, 2012: BD Author version 1.2 released! In new BD Author we added Redo-Undo function, special feature for multiple repeating of any PlayItem, improved BD Schema. Several bugs are fixed. Update is free for all registered users! September is last month for 20% discount for BD Author, EasyBD Pro, Suite or Studio version.

    July, 1st, 2012: EasyBD line and BD Author Summer discount - 20%! Only for Summer period and September we propose 20% discount for EasyBD Pro, Suite or Studio version. Also during this time you have great opportunity to order EasyBD Studio + BD Author in one package for only $1199.

    May, 25th, 2012: BD Author version 1.1 released! Software improved, several bugs are fixed. New real world blu-ray movie example added. Update is free for all registered users!

    April, 16th, 2012: BD Author first version released! This is a professional BD authoring solution for studio use. It contains all the necessary functions for compilation, separate video, audio, interactive graphics (menu) and subtitles into one full valuable BD. BD Author's user interface is very simple and shows all existing BD fields to allows creation of BD with maximum complexity while adhering to the BD specification.

    February, 23th, 2012: EasyBD Pro, Suite and Studio versions 2.2 released! We continue to improve our Blu-ray authoring solution, adhering to the Blu-ray specification and making the authoring process more simple and easier to understand. In new version Chapter visualisation function added, improved TrueHD and EC3. Read more here...

    November, 18th, 2011: EasyBD Pro, Suite and Studio versions 2.1 released! New version has major important improvements and additional functions: options, "Reopen" menu, importing chapters directly from PlayList *.mpls file, importing/exporting navigation commands... New verion is optimized for Sony BD Verifier. Read more here...

    October, 1st, 2011: EasyBD Pro, Suite and Studio versions 2.0 released! New versions have several important improvements as frame time format, audio for slideshow, new option and more.

    September, 5th, 2011: EasyBD Studio version 1.9 released! New Studio version includes automatic menu generation tool: Quick BD Menu. This is a simple and handy solution for BD interactive menu creation. The application automatically allows the creation of navigation and menu commands, for example, button navigation, switching audio or subpicture streams or the highlighting and selection of needed chapters depending on the current movie position. The program allows the creation of chapter, audio and subpicture menus in a quick and easy way. Read more here...

    August, 25th, 2011: EasyBD Professional and Suite version 1.9 released! New version has major improvements. Added and optimized a lot of functions: CSV saving, keyboard shortcuts, track types, browsable and timebased slideshow, user operations flags, color highlighting in user interface, track duration calculation and many more ... Read full list here...

    May, 25th, 2011: EasyBD version 1.4 and EasyBD Professional version 1.4 released! New version has additional types of tracks (virtual, menu) and improved user interface. Professional version has BD and DVD reauthoring functions that allows import any BD or DVD directly into EasyBD.

    May, 25th, 2011: EasyBD Authoring Suite 1.4 released! EasyBD Authoring Suite includes EasyBD Pro, IGEditor and BD Demuxer/DVD Demuxer (Import BD/DVD functions) in one package.

    April, 27th, 2011: EasyBD version 1.2 and EasyBD Lite version 1.0.9 released! New version has improved user interface, added SUP format for subtitles, improved import of XML BDN subtitles format. Update is free for all registered users.

    March, 16th, 2011: EasyBD version 1.1 released! According to users requests we have added PlayItems, Seamless connections and Slideshow to this new version.

    March, 16th, 2011: EasyBD Lite version 1.0 released! Use this special free version if you do not need create any complex Blu-ray with Interactive Menu or Slideshow. Ideal choose for home users.

    February, 28th, 2011: EasyBD version released! We continue to improve our first Blu-ray authoring solution according to Blu-ray specification. We have also added many user suggestions. Eclipse testing passed. Software update is free to all registered users.

    January, 21th, 2011: First release.