DVDtoBD specifications

Operating System Support
  • Windows ® XP Pro, Service Pack 2 (32-bit)
  • Windows ® 2000
  • Windows ® Vista (32-bit only)
Scenarist BD Support
  • Scenarist BD ® 4.5
  • Scenarist BD ® 5.0
  • Scenarist BD ® 5.1
Video and Audio streams Support
  • MPEG-2
  • AC3
  • DTS
  • WAV
Subtitles Support
  • SST, BMP
  • PES (Presentation Graphic)
Menu Support
  • DVD buttons images in BMP format
  • IES (Interactive Graphic)
  • Scenarist Designer, PNG
Scenarist BD Project Creation
  • Scenarist BD project file generation in XML
  • Scenarist Designer menu generation in XML + PNG
Blu-ray specification elements conversion
  • PlayList, PlayItems, SubPlayItems
  • Clips
  • Titles
  • MovieObjects
  • PlayMarks
  • Menus
  • Navigation commands
BD Analyze and additional corrections
  • MPEG-2 header correction (Aspect, Progressive, TimeStamp)
  • PlayList/PlayItems time correction
  • MovieObject correction
  • Video Manager emulation
  • Empty PES streams correction
DVD Analyze and additional corrections
  • MPEG-2 header correction
  • Subtitles times correction
  • Highlights times correction
  • AC3 frames correction
  • Empty Audio streams correction

Usage Restrictions

DVDtoBD tool is not intended for use with DVD titles for which you have not obtained the proper authorization. It cannot break cryptoprotection or any other type of copy protection. DVDtoBD is intended to help Blu-ray Disc authors in the reworking of old DVD projects by allowing the retrieval of the original assets. DVDToBD does not violate any intellectual property rights, as it can only be used with DVD Discs that do not contain copy protection.