For the better understanding of the process sense and internal system of DVDtoBD we have decided to show the work stages of software with DVD.

Work stages of DVDtoBD tool:

  • Preliminary preparation — this is full IFO parsing, extraction, ordering and saving of data necessary for the further work.
  • Data correction for DVD — data editing, adjusting of it depending on the necessary options for Sonic Scenarist needs. The forming of files for Main modes stage is made on this stage too.
  • Subpictures conversion — conversion of subpictures from SUP into BMP format. It is taken out into separate stage as it has an important place by it’s value and sufficiently long period of time.
  • Script generation for DVD — means the conversion of all data descriptions into text format of Sonic Scenarist SD script. It means the conversion of description about DVD scenario, taken from IFO files, into Scenarist Script text format too.
  • Loading of DVD script — DVDtoBD converts SCP file to XML format and load it.
  • Data correction for BD — MPEG-2 correction to be compliant with Blu-ray specification.
  • Conversion — conversion of Menu images and SubPictures into new Blu-ray format PES (Presentation Graphic) and IES (Interactive Graphic).
  • MUI Generation for Scenarist BD — generation of special files for Audio and Video for creation Scenarist BD project file.
  • Forming and correction — forming BD logic and creating Sonic BD XML project file.
  • Saving XML project file — saving XML project and solution file in destination folder.

The table show basic equivalences that were used in DVD to BD conversion.

DVD Blu-ray
Title Title
Language Title
VMG Emulated using Movie Object
FirstPGC First Play
Main Menu Top Menu
VOB Clip
Cell PlayItem
PGC Movie Object
Program PlayList
Chapter Point PlayListMark
Navigation commands in Menu Navigation commands in IES
Pre, Post, Cell commands Navigation commands in Movie Object
Angle Angle
Slide show Slide show type PlayItem