We offer the unique technology for DVD/BD reauthoring based on Sonic Scenarist ® software. Our DVD to BD tool allows significantly reduce time and simplify efforts for conversion any DVD to latest Blu-Ray video format.

DVDtoBD Tool is unique productivity solution that open and edit unencrypted DVD Disc using Sonic Scenarist BD ®. With DVDtoBD you can easily convert any DVD into BD. You can add, change, delete or edit any assets including Interactive Menus and Subtitles streams. All conversions processed internally and does not requires big knowledge from BD authors. It is ideally for those BD authors who start to learn Blu-ray and it is very useful to any Blu-ray author. Destination project file allows you to do absolutely any changes using latest BD authoring technology from the leader in DVD and BD authoring — Sonic Solutions.

This is list of main features that makes DVDtoBD tool very effective for BD production:

  • Import Any Unencrypted DVD into latest Sonic Scenarist BD ® authoring platform — DVDtoBD can analyze and convert any existing multiplexed (unencrypted) DVD disc to create a fully functional authoring project — complete with elementary assets — ready to further authoring work within Scenarist BD ®.
  • It is not important what was original DVD authoring platform — DVDtoBD makes it possible for Scenarist ® professionals to quickly and easily take on work from any original DVD with new level using the production power of Sonic Scenarist ®.
  • Extract Video, Audio, Subtitles for re-code or Reuse — DVDtoBD can extract assets for multiplexed DVD, such as elementary Video, Audio, Subtitles for reuse, saving time hunting around for any lost assets or authoring sequences.
  • Unique DVD to Blu-ray logic conversion — DVDtoBD converts all DVD based menus into Interactive streams, including Navigation commands conversion with supporting of all navigation integrity in destination BD according to official Blu-Ray specification.
  • Integration with Sonic Scenarist ® — The output from DVDtoBD can be opened immediately within Sonic Scenarist ®. DVDtoBD automatically creates all required project files and assets including Scenarist Designer compatible menu files.
  • Time-proved DVD demuxing accuracy — DVDtoBD demux based on our well known technology. Built-in DVD demuxer is based on DVD Reauthor Pro that is used by thousands of studios, TV channels, authoring facilities all around the world.
  • Integrated Auto-correction — DVDtoBD automatically checks imported titles for problems and spec incompatibilities and provide users with the opportunity to fix any problems automatically.

Usage Restrictions

DVDtoBD tool is not intended for use with DVD titles for which you have not obtained the proper authorization. It cannot break cryptoprotection or any other type of copy protection. DVDtoBD is intended to help Blu-ray Disc authors in the reworking of old DVD projects by allowing the retrieval of the original assets. DVDToBD does not violate any intellectual property rights, as it can only be used with DVD Discs that do not contain copy protection.

News and announcements

January 1, 2012: DVDtoBD Express Freeware v2.0 released. DVDtoBD Express is freeware now, download and use it without any limitations now!

July 7, 2011: DVDtoBD Express version 1.5 released. M2V conversion optimized. New options are added for more accurate conversion. Software update is free to all registered users.

March 14, 2011: DVDtoBD Express version 1.4 released. In new version 1.4 DVD menu to BD Interactive menu conversion was improved. BD Slideshow forming and BD navigation improved. Software update is free to all registered users.

June 7, 2010: DVDtoBD Express version 1.1 released. BD structure forming was improved.

March 25, 2010: DVDtoBD Express first release.

October 27, 2009: First release.