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Blu-Ray Reauthor Pro: Total Blu-Ray structure recreation!

BD Reauthor a unique productivity solution that can open and edit unencrypted Blu-ray Disc titles using Sonic Scenarist. With BD Reauthor, any BD title created with any authoring application becomes a "living archive" that can be accessed to extract assets or used to update and refresh a completed title. BD Reauthor is a must-have utility that provides competitive advantage for any studio or professional BD authoring facility, speeding up title revisions and production at an unprecedented rate.

BD Reauthor can analyze and open any existing multiplexed (unencrypted) Blu-ray Disc title (HDMV or BD-J) to create a fully functional authoring project - complete with elementary assets - ready for further authoring work within Scenarist.

Use BD Reauthor to expand on titles from partner companies who may have used entry-level or "Phase 1" authoring systems - like Adobe Encore, Sonic DVDit Pro HD, or Sony Blu-print - to begin a project and take the title to a new level using the power of Sonic Scenarist.

BD Reauthor can extract assets from multiplexed titles, such as elementary Video, Audio, Subtitles, BD-J Objects and Navi Commands for reuse, saving time hunting around for any lost assets or authoring sequences.


  • Automatic processing a complete Blu-ray Discs or any selected .m2ts file
  • Support for all video and audio types supported by Blu-ray Disc Support for all video and audio types supported by Blu-Ray Disc
  • Support for all subtitle streams (Presentation Graphic) supported by Blu-ray Disc
  • Support for complete menu (Interactive Graphic) stream extraction, including PNG images, positioning and page structure
  • Well structured Sonic Scenarist project output including and all required assets and metadata files
  • Complete processing of a dual layer Blu-ray Disc in approximately 1 hour
  • Changes and additional functions for BD Reauthor version 2.0.2 from version 1.3.0:

    Changes, fixed errors:

  • Fixed error occured in division of MLP and AC3 in case if original MLP stream was broken.
  • Fixed error with incompatibility of FrameRate of audio and current video.
  • Fixed error with font files insertion: font files are inserted correct now.
  • Fixed Java files insertion. All fields in Java objects are parsed correct now.
  • Fixed insertion of additional files for Meta/Font/Java.
  • Fixed error in MUI generation for multi-channel WAV (single file) and also for WAV composed from mono files.
  • Fixed error in detection of Language code for M2TS substreams.
  • Fixed error in demux and processing of multi-channel WAV files.
  • Fixed error in demux and processing of DTS-HD files.
  • Fixed error in generation of PS Designer XML files for menu.
  • Fixed error in processing of fileds in Index.bdmv and MovieObject.
  • Fixed error in detection of FrameRate of AVC during insertion in XML project.
  • Fixed error in forming and insertion of TimeBased SlideShow.
  • Fixed error in insertion of SubPaths in XML project.

    Additional functions:

  • Correction for PES stream was added. If it is not present last segment - it will be added.
  • Additional information added to Status bar of main window. You can see now in Status bar info regarding current demux state.
  • Added option for duplication of Movie Objects, according to specification supported by Scenarist. It is possible now to correlate for every Title own single unique Movie Object.
  • Added more information in Log window for every stage of Scenarist XML script generation.
  • Added more information in Log window during demultiplexing.
  • Added insertion of Text subtitles.
  • Added possibility of cancellation of loading BD. Abort button.
  • Added options for IES - link for phisical file PNG in XML script.
  • Added possibility to skip last broken audio fragment "on-fly" during demuxing.
  • Added information tool for DTS-HD, EC3, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, VC-1.
  • Added simple align of elements in Scenario.
  • Added options for META XML correction according to Scenarist.
  • Added speed optimization for demuxing of complex M2TS which consists of big number and variety streams.
  • Added generation project file and solution for Scenarist 5.
  • Added special BD disc analizing mode. This mode allows to analize BD compatibility for Scenarist before demux will started.
  • Changes and additional functions for BD Reauthor version 2.1.3 from version 2.0.2:

    Changes, fixed errors:

  • Fixed error in long file paths.
  • Optimized work with all filestreams.
  • Fixed error in some cases in WAV files.
  • Extended Video stream information.
  • Fixed error in some cases of PTS time calculation.
  • Fixed error control during demux for fatal unexpected errors.
  • Fixed error in SubPath for multiclips.
  • Fixed error in PlayList for multiangle.
  • Fixed error in PTS calculation for Video in DropFrame.
  • Improved Abort control during demux.
  • Improved Video files parsing.
  • Fixed error in Meta files insertion.

    Additional functions:

  • Improved user interface.
  • Optimized for Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit).
  • Added option: start time correction for Subpictures (PES) streams.
  • Added option: Demux error control, special limitation for error count.
  • Added warnings and errors counts.
  • Added option: Log saving for every line during demux process.
  • Added option: Quick demux mode without MUI generation.
  • Added option: Do not use video file TimeStamp.
  • Added correction for Browsable slideshow (IN and OUT times for aligment on I-Frame).
  • Added correction for Browsable slideshow (cut on separate Clips).
  • Added backup files parsing if original are corrupted.
  • Changes and additional functions for BD Reauthor version 2.2 from version 2.0.2:

    Changes, fixed errors:

  • Fixed error in SubPath.
  • Fixed error in Video size detection.
  • Fixed error in MUI Generation and data insertion.
  • Optimized BD demuxing kernel.

    Additional functions:

  • Supports Scenarist BD 5.2.
  • Improved user interface.
  • 3D fields parsing added to user interface.
  • 3D demuxing and MVC file extraction added.
  • Changes and additional functions for BD Reauthor version 2.2.5 from version 2.2.0:

    Changes, fixed errors:

  • Optimized BD 3D demuxing kernel.

    Additional functions:

  • Supports Scenarist BD Studio 5.2.
  • Changes and additional functions for BD Reauthor Pro 2D version 2.3.2 (3.3.2 for 3D) from version 2.2.5:

    Changes, fixed errors:

  • Audio for Browsable Slideshow.
  • Dolby Digital Plus (*.ec3 audio) for Primary Audio.

    Developed for latest Scenarist BD versions:

  • BD Reauthor 2D version 2.3.2 is for Scenarist 2D 5.3.2.
  • BD Reauthor 3D version 3.3.2 is for Scenarist 3D 5.6.2.
  • Requirements:

    A CPU meeting the following minimum requirements is recommended for use with BD Reauthor:

    Windows XP Professional SP2, 2000 or Vista
    1 x Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz)
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT (512 MB)
    100 GB of hard drive space for application files and Sonic Scenarist project files*
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
    Sonic Scenarist BD**

    *The amount of hard drive space required for Sonic Scenarist project files will depend on the size of the Blu-ray Disc being processed.
    **Sonic Scenarist BD is required to generate the metadata files needed for the Scenarist project. This process is performed by the MUI Generator, which may be launched after installation without requiring your Scenarist dongle.


    BD Reauthor Pro is not intended for use with Blu-ray Disc titles for which you have not obtained the proper authorization. It cannot break cryptoprotection or any other type of copy protection. BD Reauthor Pro is intended to help Blu-ray Disc authors in the reworking of BD projects by allowing the retrieval of the original assets. BD Reauthor Pro does not violate any intellectual property rights, as it can only be used with Blu-ray Discs that do not contain copy protection.

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    Order online Blu-Ray Reauthor Pro 2D/3D - $1999:

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